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Ranking 5 Agustina Bazterrica books in chronological order

There are 5 Agustina Bazterrica books listed in reverse chronological order from newest to oldest, dating back to 2019.


Wyborny trup

Wyborny trup
Score 3
Title Wyborny trup
Publisher Wydawnictwo Mova
Pages 272

Plot: Wyborny trup...


Tender Is the Flesh

Tender Is the Flesh
Score 4.3
Title Tender Is the Flesh
Publisher Scribner
Pages 224

Plot: Working at the local processing plant, Marcos is in the business of slaughtering humans—though no ...


Leziz Kadavralar

Leziz Kadavralar
Score 3
Title Leziz Kadavralar
Publisher Çınar Yayınları
Pages 232

Plot: Her şey birdenbire oldu. Önce hayvanlara ölümcül bir virüs bulaştı. Etinden faydalanılan ha...


Cadáver exquisito (Premio Clarín 2017) / Tender is the Flesh (MAPA DE LAS LENGUAS) (Spanish Edition)

Cadáver exquisito (Premio Clarín 2017) / Tender is the Flesh (MAPA DE LAS LENGUAS) (Spanish Edition)
Score 4.6
Title Cadáver exquisito (Premio Clarín 2017) / Tender is the Flesh (MAPA DE LAS LENGUAS) (Spanish Edition)
Publisher Alfaguara
Pages 256

Plot: PREMIO CLARÍN 2017En esta despiadada distopía -tan brutal como sutil, tan alegórica como realista...


Cadavre exquis

Cadavre exquis
Score 4.2
Title Cadavre exquis
Pages 304

Plot: Un virus a fait disparaître la quasi-totalité des animaux de la surface de la Terre. Pour pallier ...

List of 5 books by Agustina Bazterrica in order of release

Let's see a list of 5 Agustina Bazterrica books to read in chronological order up to his latest book.

Title Year
Wyborny trup2022
Tender Is the Flesh2020
Leziz Kadavralar2020
Cadáver exquisito (Premio Clarín 2017) / Tender is the Flesh (MAPA DE LAS LENGUAS) (Spanish Edition)2020
Cadavre exquis2019

Questions about Agustina Bazterrica

How many books has Agustina Bazterrica written?

In our collection, there are 5 books written by Agustina Bazterrica from 2019 to present.

What is the best Agustina Bazterrica book?

Evaluating 5 books written by Agustina Bazterrica, surely you could start by reading Cadavre exquis published in 2019 by FLAMMARION.

Where can I buy the latest Agustina Bazterrica book?

You can find the entire list of Agustina Bazterrica books with date, publisher and formats available directly at this address.

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You might be wondering which hardcovers by Agustina Bazterrica to read in November 2022 as well as what the brand-new book is named or what the most lovely words are.

You should understand that you will discover all the best recommended titles provided in print or e-book format with mentions to the publisher, appearance date and also all the offers of the week in our list.

If you actually know what Agustina Bazterrica’s hardcover you have really decided to read, before putting it into your cart and also putting it in your collection, try to read some reviews from various people to find what those that have already acquired it in the past think of it.

Further than promotions, affordable price as well as various other purchase factors to consider, if you are definitely a fan of books published by Agustina Bazterrica, note that throughout this ranking, we have indeed compiled the chronology of a lot of their best-selling hardcovers without leaving out the latest titles.

Considering the greatest hardcovers by Agustina Bazterrica, you can discover the most recent launches or books published in the past.

Agustina Bazterrica Books
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