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Ranking 4 Maeve Higgins books in chronological order

There are 4 Maeve Higgins books listed in reverse chronological order from newest to oldest, dating back to 2013.


Tell Everyone on This Train I Love Them

Tell Everyone on This Train I Love Them
Score 4.9
Title Tell Everyone on This Train I Love Them
Publisher Penguin Books
Pages 224

Plot: Deeply funny, moving, and urgent writing about a country that can feel broken into pieces and the li...


Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
Score 5
Title Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
Publisher Audible Originals
Pages XX

Plot: "A funny and moving story of immigrants, beautifully written, at a time when it's needed the most." ...


Maeve in America: Essays by a Girl from Somewhere Else

Maeve in America: Essays by a Girl from Somewhere Else
Score 4.2
Title Maeve in America: Essays by a Girl from Somewhere Else
Publisher Penguin Books
Pages 256

Plot: “If Tina Fey and David Sedaris had a daughter, she would be Maeve Higgins.” —GlamourA startli...


We Have a Good Time Don't We?

We Have a Good Time Don't We?
Score 4.2
Title We Have a Good Time Don't We?
Publisher Hachette Books Ireland
Pages 288

Plot: Introducing a hilarious, strikingly original voice from a leading Irish comedian—perfect for fans...

List of 4 books by Maeve Higgins in order of release

Let's see a list of 4 Maeve Higgins books to read in chronological order up to his latest book.

Title Year
Tell Everyone on This Train I Love Them2022
Aliens of Extraordinary Ability2019
Maeve in America: Essays by a Girl from Somewhere Else2018
We Have a Good Time Don't We?2013

Questions about Maeve Higgins

How many books has Maeve Higgins written?

In our collection, there are 4 books written by Maeve Higgins from 2013 to present.

What is the best Maeve Higgins book?

Evaluating 4 books written by Maeve Higgins, surely you could start by reading We Have a Good Time Don't We? published in 2013 by Hachette Books Ireland.

Where can I buy the latest Maeve Higgins book?

You can find the entire list of Maeve Higgins books with date, publisher and formats available directly at this address.

Who is Maeve Higgins and biography

Maeve Anna Higgins(born 24 March 1981) is an Irish comedian from Cobh, County Cork, based in New York. She was a principal actor and writer of the RTÉ production Naked Camera, as well as for her o Biography source

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You must know that you will certainly find all the most suggested titles available in print or e-book format with references to the publisher, publishing date and also any offers of the day in our list.

If you actually know what Maeve Higgins’s novel you have decided to read, before adding it to your cart as well as putting it in your collection, try to read several reviews from various other people to find what those who have actually already purchased it previously think about it.

Further than promotions, low prices as well as other order considerations, if you are a fan of paperbacks written by Maeve Higgins, bear in mind that in this ranking, we have already put together the chronology of several of their very popular hardcovers without leaving out the latest titles.

Taking into consideration the best novels by Maeve Higgins, you can come across the current launches or publications published in the past.

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