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Right here is actually the review of that publication created by Hornby, Nick and published in 2006 by Riverhead Books.

In terms of material as well as story, you may be asking yourself if there is a summary of A Long Way Down or what the most magnificent phrases are.

Review of the book A Long Way Down by Hornby, Nick

A Long Way Down
Title A Long Way Down
Publisher Riverhead Books
Number of pages 368
Code 1594481938

Plot of the book:

“One New Year’s Eve, four people with very different reasons but a common purpose find their way to the top of a fifteen-story building in London. None of them has calculated that, on a date humans favor for acts of significance, in a place known as a local suicide-jumpers’ favorite, they migh...

Book ratings

Final score3.8

Questions about this book

How many pages does A Long Way Down book have?

The book A Long Way Down written by Hornby, Nick consists of 368 pages and was published by Riverhead Books.

What year was A Long Way Down released?

A Long Way Down was written by Hornby, Nick and was released in 2006 with code 1594481938.

Where can I buy A Long Way Down by Hornby, Nick?

You can buy A Long Way Down of Hornby, Nick online at this page, where you will find other information such as price and available sizes.

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A Long Way Down – Book Review
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