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Right here is actually the review of that publication written by Howard, Linda and also released in 2000 by Pocket Books.

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Review of the book All the Queen's Men by Linda Howard

All the Queen's Men
Title All the Queen's Men
Publisher Pocket Books
Number of pages 400
Code 0671568841

Plot of the book:

THE PAST PROVED DEADLY... No one knows the dangers of getting close to legendary CIA Black Ops specialist John Medina better than communications expert Niema Burdock. Five years ago, she and her husband worked with Medina on an explosive mission that ended in tragedy. Although she has slowly recove...

Book ratings

Final score4.6

Questions about this book

How many pages does All the Queen's Men book have?

The book All the Queen's Men written by Linda Howard consists of 400 pages and was published by Pocket Books.

What year was All the Queen's Men released?

All the Queen's Men was written by Linda Howard and was released in 2000 with code 0671568841.

Where can I buy All the Queen's Men by Linda Howard?

You can buy All the Queen's Men of Linda Howard online at this page, where you will find other information such as price and available sizes.

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Beforehand perform an online search among the distinct reprints readily available, examining if All the Queen’s Men is readily available in book, flexible cover or eBook format.

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All the Queen’s Men – Book Review
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