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Below is actually the review of that book written by Rimington, Stella and released in 2006 by Vintage Crime/Black Lizard.

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Review of the book At Risk: A Novel by Rimington, Stella

At Risk: A Novel
Title At Risk: A Novel
Publisher Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
Number of pages 416
Code 1400079810

Plot of the book:

A terrorist is targeting Britain. And to make matters worse it’s an “invisible”-- Mi5-speak for someone traveling under a British passport. Virtually impossible to find before it’s too late.The job falls to Liz Carlyle, the most resourceful counter terror agent in British intelligence. Track...

Book ratings

Final score4.4

Questions about this book

How many pages does At Risk: A Novel book have?

The book At Risk: A Novel written by Rimington, Stella consists of 416 pages and was published by Vintage Crime/Black Lizard.

What year was At Risk: A Novel released?

At Risk: A Novel was written by Rimington, Stella and was released in 2006 with code 1400079810.

Where can I buy At Risk: A Novel by Rimington, Stella?

You can buy At Risk: A Novel of Rimington, Stella online at this page, where you will find other information such as price and available sizes.

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At Risk: A Novel – Book Review
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