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Right here is simply the review of this publication created by Smith, Zadie and also published in 2006 by Penguin Books.

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Review of the book On Beauty: A Novel by Zadie Smith

On Beauty: A Novel
Title On Beauty: A Novel
Publisher Penguin Books
Number of pages 445
Code 0143037749

Plot of the book:

Winner of the 2006 Orange Prize for fiction, another bestselling masterwork from the celebrated author of Swing Time and White Teeth"In this sharp, engaging satire, beauty's only skin-deep, but funny cuts to the bone." —Kirkus Reviews Having hit bestseller lists from the New York Times to the S...

Book ratings

Final score4.2

Questions about this book

How many pages does On Beauty: A Novel book have?

The book On Beauty: A Novel written by Zadie Smith consists of 445 pages and was published by Penguin Books.

What year was On Beauty: A Novel released?

On Beauty: A Novel was written by Zadie Smith and was released in 2006 with code 0143037749.

Where can I buy On Beauty: A Novel by Zadie Smith?

You can buy On Beauty: A Novel of Zadie Smith online at this page, where you will find other information such as price and available sizes.

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On Beauty: A Novel – Book Review
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