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Here is actually the review of this book written by Draper, Sharon M. and also published in 2012 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

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Review of the book Out of My Mind by Draper, Sharon M.

Out of My Mind
Title Out of My Mind
Publisher Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Number of pages 320
Code 1416971718

Plot of the book:

A New York Times bestseller for three years and counting! “A gutsy, candid, and compelling story. It speaks volumes.” —School Library Journal (starred review) “Unflinching and realistic.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) From award-winning author Sharon Draper comes a story that will for...

Book ratings

Final score4.8

Questions about this book

How many pages does Out of My Mind book have?

The book Out of My Mind written by Draper, Sharon M. consists of 320 pages and was published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

What year was Out of My Mind released?

Out of My Mind was written by Draper, Sharon M. and was released in 2012 with code 1416971718.

Where can I buy Out of My Mind by Draper, Sharon M.?

You can buy Out of My Mind of Draper, Sharon M. online at this page, where you will find other information such as price and available sizes.

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Out of My Mind – Book Review
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