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Write for us - articles and texts

Books25 is an innovative startup in the American publishing scene and to expand the editorial team, we are looking for new collaborators with great benefits for everyone.

Why collaborate with Books25?

If you are new to Books25, you should know that it is not the usual culture blog or news site where reviews and texts are published here and there.

Here are the benefits you will get from collaborating with Books25

  • Increase the visibility of your name in the American publishing landscape
  • Get noticed by our readers without spending any money
  • Get a page dedicated to you where you can introduce yourself and promote your books or podcasts.

Your name will be linked to your contributions to give you maximum exposure. The more reviews you write, the more visibility you will get, without paying us anything.

In summary: the success of our portal will provide you with visibility and your content will help us to be successful. In short, it is beneficial for both paeties, without putting in wages or reciprocal payments.

As we grow, we will start new initiatives and put many revolutionary ideas from academia into practice.

Attention: it is not necessary to guarantee a minimum quantity of texts every month, but you will have all the advantages described above only after publishing at least 10 quality pieces (to guarantee your commitment).

How to collaborate

If you have stories to tell and you are passionate about writing, then enter the world of publishing directly on the web with some special benefits.

Any content you send us will be taken into consideration, processed with an internal review and if it is of quality, it will be published on the site using your name.

How to apply

To submit your application and become a writer, just send a message to this email address introducing yourself and indicating how many pieces you would like to write on a monthly basis. You will then be contacted within 48 hours.

Publication criteria

Let’s look at some guidelines for reviewing books. Remember that all your contributions must follow these rules.

The texts you send us must be original and written personally in your writing style, since by sending us the article, you grant us a release for its publication on the site.

The portal has three sections where you can write:

  • Authors: You will be able to write biographies of famous writers
  • Genres: you can give reading advice on a certain topic
  • Reviews: You can give your opinion on specific books

Each text must be at least 300 words in length, in English, with correct grammar and completely original content.

For example, you will not be able to send the same article to other sites or publish it on Facebook.

Are you ready to write for us? Then click the button and send your application!


Frequent questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our collaborators to read before applying and sending us texts and articles to be published on the site.

How much does it cost to write for the portal?

The collaboration is free of charge because there are mutual benefits for both the writer and the portal.

How many articles do you need to write?

We do not have a minimum quota of required articles, but an active contributor generally publishes at least two texts per month.

What are the writing requirements?

To collaborate, you must be a native speaker, have perfect knowledge of English grammar and syntax, as well as have a great passion for reading books.